Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Geek Symptoms

You know you are a computer geek when:
  1. You hear trees and think children, binary search and recursion and not about those brown and green thingys on which fruits grow.
  2. To you 'windows' is a swear word (or 'that other os' if you are polite). You never look out of them. No wonder you dont know what trees really are.
  3. "Google is a search engine"- to you this sentence is akin to blasphemy. Thats coz Google is your dictionary, spell-checker, translator, postman, problem solver, calculator, convertor, locator, publisher, editor,artist, essentially everything.
  4. The only exercise you get is when you bend to turn on/turn off the pc or take a trip to the kitchen to get some drink. If you are a health freak you most probably do those 'chair exercises' where you stretch your legs in front of you, rotate your feet and think "Wow, aerobics is tiring..."
  5. You have weak eyes. Do try to take a break every hour and stare away from the screen.
  6. You speak 'Geekanese'. This language contains sentences like -
    "I think its time to refactor my cupboard."
    "Those newbies are having a flame war and adding noise to my list."
    "I just submitted a patch by skipping the tarring and simply gzipped the code."
    (I am unable to present an English translation of the above sentences as google translator does not support Geekanese yet. If you dont understand them count yourself lucky.)
  7. You hero-worship some and identify almost everyone of the following people: Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Linus Torvaldus, Chris Mason, Valerie Aurora, Avi Kivity, Daniel Philips and Steve Jobs. (Ya I know you are itching to add some more names here-feel free to comment :))
  8. You are terrified of bugs because you know there is no pest control agency on the planet that can come around and zap them out for you.
  9. You are more comfirtable chatting online or texting than phone conversations. ("Its cheaper" is just an excuse. Stop fooling yourself) And real conversations with real people is a rare event.
  10. You have read through (and understood) all the above points and now you are wondering "This aint normal/expected/regular behaviour?"
Welcome to the world of computer geeks!!! Actually you were already here. If you are suddenly noticing other behaviour which you have been taking for granted all this while do comment. :)


  1. nice one!

    All true for me EXCEPT point no loves windows too :)

  2. Good one !! :-)

    except this --> The name is Linus Torvalds. x-(
    "Torvaldus" is sacrilege !!! The Linux Gods demand a sacrifice !!!

  3. Great to come across your blog...!!

    The second last point is very true ! :D

    "Google as a search engine" is a cliche. :P

  4. A whole bunch of people do spell it Torvaldus.
    However my apologies. I wish to sacrifice 8 hours of my time, otherwise spent gaming, for linux-kernel development. I pray the Gods be appeased.....!