Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My cooking bloopers

I thought I'll write down some of the CRAZY mistakes I have made while struggling up the cooking curve and what I learned from them. Why I am writing this is because:
1)Life is too short to make all the mistakes that everyone makes so its good to learn from others' :)
2)Its funny. Lolz.

Ok here goes:

1)I actually put the rice cooker on the gas without adding water. Duh. By the time I realised what I had done the bottom (of the cooker) had turned black and some of the steel had melted into the rice. (Eeeyuck!!! Good-bye cooker) In my defence- I was 14 :P
Lesson- Never ever put a cooker on the gas without double checking its contents.

2)Once I had invited a friend over for a chinese meal(I was giving her my birthday treat). In a last minute rush I set a chocolate cake for baking. I think I screwed up with the soda bicarb measure because some part of the cake puffed up (like a bubble) while all the solid part just remained stuck to the bottom of the baking dish. In the end we scraped of the bits and had them with vanilla ice-cream. My friend was sweet enough to have it although she did refuse a second helping ;) Luckily for her everything else turned out great!
Lesson- Plan your menu carefully and prepare your desserts in advance :)

3)When I cooked my 1st pulav it turned out like khichdi. Reason: I added potatoes, overcooked the rice and undercooked the tomatoes. Umm I also forgot the spices.
Lesson- Cook your tomatoes and masala thouroughly and only add water in proportion to the rice not rice+ vegetables. Oh and never add potatoes :)

4)Overcooking pasta. I went through this phase where every pasta dish I made was overcooked. "Pasta dish" includes noodles, spaghetti, rice sevai, macaroni.......And I dont know if you have experienced this but eating an overcooked pasta dish feels like eating glue :P It took me a while to realize that:
Lesson- When you cook the pasta in water you must cook it for exactly the time given in the recipe and then wash the pasta in cold water immediately. Else it will cook further in its own steam.
However I am going through the undercooked pasta phase right now so may be someone can help me with this one :)



  1. Oh God!! Just tells that u have been through many things while cooking..
    Well, for a fact, I have been thru the first blooper.. :-)
    Defense: was 18, no one at home, & I am a boy.. Hehe

  2. Hey the boy excuse is all crap ok. Everybody MUST know cooking. Indian men! (Sigh....)

  3. lol...why not to google for "Optimized scheduling for cooking Pasta" :P :P

    May be you could write a research paper on it! :P


  4. I like your blog tagline! The only reason I haven't mentioned my name on my blog is because I want my blog identity to remain private! Oh and you are blogrolled :)

  5. I know, the boy excuse is crap.. I would love to experiment.. Just have to take out time for it..

  6. I remember myself fitting the cooker cover wrong way and had to maneuver to get it out, just to find that everything inside is mixed and wasted :(

  7. Men shouldn't say a woman's place is in the kitchen...that's where the knives are!

  8. Me too had some experiences in the kitchen.
    1. Once I was "trying to" make chapaatis at my home (Just to show my mom and sister that even Boys can do some kitchen work ). I made 4 chapaatis BUT they took the shape of 4 different countries !!! :(
    2. But I can make my favourite south-indian dishes very well !! e.g : DOSA !! :)