Monday, August 10, 2009

Prime Evil

Thanks to swine Flu I suddenly have a lot of time on my hands.....
So just thought of publishing one of my better poems:

Prime Evil
Hungry, Hungry for your soul,
Wanting, wanting more and more,
Pleasure, pleasure only goal,
Lust, lust bleeds your core.

Rage, rage burning fire,
Fury, fury in your cry,
Pain, pain unfulfilled desire,
Anger, anger blinds your eye.

Counting, counting always less,
Struggling, struggling in a mesh,
Working, working increasing stress,
Greed, greed eats your flesh.

Mine, mine you falsely claim,
Claw claw as they depart,
Cling, cling to long dead name,
Attachment, attachment traps your heart.

Lesser, lesser beneath me all,
Mighty, mighty nothing I lack,
Harder, harder you will fall,
Pride, pride breaks your back.

Roving, roving jealous eye,
Gnawing, gnawing swallows whole,
Why, why, why not I?
Envy, envy poisons your soul.

Six, six evils prime,
Saviour, saviour only one,
Hurry, hurry there is no time,
Chant, chant or come undone.

Shweta Shetty


  1. Wow... its really gud...
    its so true...
    we Have no time with us ...
    and the list of our unfinished deeds is so long....
    and with this pride and anger eating us thru and thru...

    great realisation Shweta..
    i realy like it..

  2. Nice read... and so very very true and realistic... Keep on blogging...