Monday, August 17, 2009

Recipe- sweet pumpkin puris

We made pumpkin puris on Janmashtami for bhoga. I did most of the stuff myself. Thought I'll record it here complete with secret tips from my mom :)

Sweet pumpkin Puris


1 cup grated pumpkin(lal bhopala)
1 cup jaggery(chirleli-could the english equivalent be grated?)
wheat flour (approximately 200 gms)
oil to fry


1)Steam the pumpkin in a kadhai till it is cooked. The pumpkin will eventually release water.
2)When that happens add the jaggery and cook both together until it looks like a chocolate brown broth. Basically, the jaggery should have melted completely, becoming slightly dark.
Tip 1: Add a pinch of salt to this. A little salt adds a special flavour to jaggery based desserts.
3)Ok, now comes the tricky part. Take 1 bowl wheat flour and add the jaggery+pumpkin broth to it. You have to start kneading the flour so that it becomes proper puri consistency. Usually you know the amount of flour required and add appropriate water(i.e. the liquid) In this case it is reverse. Go on adding flour and depending on amount of liquid. Eventually you'll get a lump of kneaded puri dough.
Tip 2: Use a little oil in the end as a finishing touch to smoothen the dough.
4)Now 'belo' and fry the puris as normal. Fry them till they turn a deep reddish gold.
Tip 3: Make slightly thick puris(while 'beloing'). Otherwise they become hard after frying.
Tip 4: Fry on a medium-low flame. Too hot oil burns the jaggery and spoils your puri :)



  1. ok..when we come for lunch...umm..puris is good..the other stuff..specially pasta (ONLY is properly cooked)...cake (Baked before hand)...pulav (like pulav n not khichadi)...among others (minus the bloopers)...

    kidding ! good one ;)