Saturday, August 22, 2009

The tale of X and Y

X and Y are 2 people in a relationship. It can be any relation- siblings, lovers, parent-child, friends anything. Y means far more to X than Y realizes. X remembers every conversation and every joke shared with Y. X values all the opinions that Y has. It really matters to X what Y thinks about X.
And then, one day, Y does something that may be a small thing for Y , and an insignificant thing for the world but is a big thing for X. X feels hurt. X wonders-why did Y do this? If only it had not been Y.......
Even if X confronts Y- Y wouldn't understand- coz Y doesnt know and Y may not care. And then X has to reconcile itself- "This is my problem, not Y's problem. For my perspective about this relation is very different from Y's"
After that, X changes, and the relation changes, but Y doesnt know and Y may not care.
How often have we been X?
How often have we been Y?
"For the world you might be someone, but for someone you might be the world."


  1. Lovely post Shweta...
    Reading that made me go through memories I have been 'X' and also when I have been 'Y' and later realised that I was a 'Y'

  2. If Y doesn't care, X should stop expecting things from Y.

  3. When any change in X is not going matter to Y in anyway, why should X change himself/herself in first place? If X cares so much about Y, if X loves Y so much then I believe it all has to be unconditional. I never realized this before reading this post. Thank you. I remember myself being X a lot many times and now I know, it's good being X (not that it's bad being Y). X can keep valuing his/her relations without any expectations. It does not hurt and there's only peace.

    Cheers. Keep creative juices flowing :)

  4. Great post! Subtle way of putting up the intricacies of relationships. Plus, it really makes you reflect!

  5. Well i can say..... If X cares so much about Y, he shouldnt mind this minor mistake by Y.

    Anyways who are u? X? or Y?

  6. I have been both X and Y in different situations.... I think that is the case with everybody.. Once you experience being X you regret being Y

  7. And sometimes X doesn't know how much Y feels Sorry for that problem!!! :(