Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why am I blogging?

Hi all!

Ok this is totally wierd. I mean I still cant believe I am blogging! I have been debating with myself for the past 3 months on whether I should blog or not.......Listing some of the reasons why I should not:
1) Kind of creepy letting strangers into your personal space
2) No time
3) My life's got too many varied aspects
4) Apprehension

And why should I?

1)Love writing
2)Knowledge/Information should be shared
3)Keep my English skills brushed up. I just reread the above stuff and realized my grammar seems to be going in the same direction as sewage(down the drain:))
(Hopefully I have corrected most of my mistakes)
4)Love reading other people's blogs so may be some one just might like reading mine:)

Anyways I am now compelled to introduce my future blogs
They are all going to be on crazily different topics - depending on whatever is going on in my head at that particular time.
They wont be regular and I wont even try writing regularly.
They will be entertaining(I hope:)).

Ok thats all for now.


  1. OMG, I had been wondering the exact same things for....YEARS to be honest, but I have never been able to put it to action. I've had a blogger account for a long time now but never been inspired enough to take the next step, that is, creating a blog! lol.
    But then, how you were able to transform your blog into something so great, from the very same questions that I am (STILL) pondering on, is just impressive!
    All glories to you!
    Maybe I can :S
    Will figure it out in the next few minutes :D
    Hari Bol XD

  2. I managed it!
    Check it out:

    Hare Krsna :)