Friday, September 4, 2009

Five Little Puppies

Five Little Puppies
Five little puppies were born today,
Nuzzling and cuddling- so happy and gay.

Five little puppies in the downpour,
One shivered and froze and then there were four.

Four little puppies feeding 'neath a tree,
One couldn't grab his share and then there were three.

Three little puppies walking in a queue,
A car reversed carelessly and then there were two.

Two little puppies having some fun,
A vicious stray attacked and then there was one.

One little puppy lying in the sun,
The dog van arrived, and then there were none.

This poem is in remembrance of the five puppies born in my society this summer. This was the second year that 'Bimbo', their mother, gave birth to a litter of pups. Once again, none survived.
Now you know why stray dog sterilization drives are so important......


  1. OH MY GOD!!!! :x
    That hurt!! :( too badly....
    it is tooooo mournful :/

  2. Sick...just sick...and you can't foretell deaths like that! That last pup iz gonna survive! But...nicely done...the 'Ten Lil Niggers' style is pretty well-brought out.

  3. Umm, that last pup hasnt been seen for days- so you might as well give up hope! :(