Friday, September 25, 2009

Nature of God

(Disclaimer: I do not intend this article to be a litany against atheism, agnosticism, impersonalism or any other 'isms' that are out there. If you are a firm believer in any of the isms, you most probably are as bad as any religious fanatic and nothing anybody says is gonna sway you. If you are terribly narrow-minded and cocksure about your beliefs, please do not read any further. (Instead please see this and this.)However, I am of the opinion, that most people believe in God and even claim to have experienced Him, in the form of little miracles or unexplainable positive experiences. If you are confused about God, or curious, or you have never thought about these things, this article is for you. Anyways, my intention in writing this article is only to make an humble attempt to glorify that Supreme Being, who has created us, who is always with us and who loves us-unconditionally.)

1) God is a person- Yes He is the supreme person with a pure spiritual body. When the bible says, "God created man in his own image" or when the Koran says-"He has lotus feet and lotus eyes" this is what they mean. The original form of God is similar to ours, but ofcourse He is infinite and we are infinitesimal. His spiritual body is the source of everything-spiritual and material. And ofcourse, He is not bound by material nature to accept different material bodies like the living entity(i.e the soul) is.

2)He has the following 6 opulences in full- all beauty, all knowledge, all wealth, all strength, all fame and all renounciation. These are the opulences that all of us hanker to attain- but we can do so only in small measures, temporarily. He has them all the time, in FULL. And because He is renounced He is not attached to any of the other five opulences either.

3)The following is a verse from Brahma Samhita which very aptly describes the nature of God:
"Ishvarah paramah Krishna
sachidanand vigraha
anadir adi govinda
sarva karana karanam"

God is the supreme controller, He is all attractive , His body is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. He is the first person-'adi purush'. He is Govind(who gives pleasure to the cows and to the senses) and He is the cause of all causes.

Yes-He controls everything-not even a blade of grass may move without His explicit will. He is the reason behind all reasons..... And He is so attractive-you only need to open your heart and your mind to Him-to experience His love.

4)Another beautiful verse from the Ishopanishad says-

"Om purnamadha purnamidam
purnat purnamadyuchyate
purnasya purna madaya

God is complete. And His creation is complete. Complete emanates from the complete and yet the original complete remains complete :)
Well basically this verse says that where God is concerned 1minus 1 is still 1. How?

Because He is God. He is so much more superior to us that we cannot understand Him with our limited intelligence.
We do not even aim to understand God. We are simply His servants. Our aim is to please Him, to serve Him. True happiness can be achieved simply by doing this.

As we travel from body to body, God travels with us, as the supersoul, or paramatma. He is simultaneously within and without us.He never leaves us alone. He simply observes and waits for us to turn our attention towards Him. He will never force us to love Him- because as unique individuals we have our free will- we always have a choice- to turn to Him or away from Him.

What is your choice?


  1. Pranam Shwethaaa....
    Its nice to see, ancient scripts being discussed...

    I would likr to invite you to my,
    Then the Shanthi manthram is to be corrected as
    "Aum poornamadha: poornamidham....."

  2. I have no expertise of the magnitude you have about understanding God.

    But the way I put it, God is no different from your parents!
    Neatly written.
    Do write about these issues. There are very few people on earth who can put the ideas of God in words.


  3. I think we see God in the form we want to...a friend, love, guide...more important is your belief in Him.

  4. @anonymous-Ya thank-you, I corrected the verse.... Will be more careful next time:)

    @Neer- Thank-you. And ofcourse we all love and respect our parents and they are the first gurus and everything. But God's position is higher- simply because he travels with us life after life while our parents are different souls in every life.

    @Megha- God uses different people as instruments to help us in life's journey. Even we are His instruments.And Yes faith is very important. Thanks!