Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The parrot and the cage

Once upon a time there was a rich old lady. For her personal amusement, she purchased a parrot. It was a cute green bird with a lovely curved red beak. Now she wanted to display her new pet to all her friends. So she ordered a cage to be specially made for the parrot. Being rich and eccentric (and a show-off), she had the cage made of the finest gold and studded with precious gems. It had delicate carvings of miniature designs. She hired servants who polished the cage 5 times a day with silken cloths. People came from far-off lands for the lady's fancy parties and the cage was greatly admired. "What design?! How artistic! How expensive!" they exclaimed. And the poor parrot? No one noticed it. No one fed it or even gave it water to drink. It died within days.

This, unfortunately, is the case, of our lives today too. We are so busy doing everything for our body and for all things related to it - like our family, our status in society etc that we completely forget about ourselves. We spend 24 hours maintaining the body and not one second for us-the soul.

Along with IQ and EQ(emotional quotient) it is also important to build our SQ(spiritual quotient).
This can be done through mantra meditation, prayer, deity worship, listening to devotional songs and reading spiritual literature.

So stop polishing the cage and start feeding the parrot. :)

Reference: (Bhagvad Gita As It Is-Srila Prabhupada, Discover Yourself-Radheyshyam Das,

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