Monday, October 5, 2009

Comfort zone

Sometimes we get trapped in a comfort zone. A comfort zone is a place we are familiar with. It is a state of the mind.
"I can study for three hours only"
"I cant run faster than this!"
"I cant dance(or draw, or sing)"
Classic comfort zone statements....
But for how long are we going to remain in this zone? Sometimes situations force us to get out.... but mostly only an inner drive can push us through. I once succeeded in breaking out of one such zone. When I started doing crunches- I could barely do 5. But I worked on it, pushing myself daily, increasing the number by 2, until I touched 40- and it wasnt even so difficult anymore.

When Nauman completed his final roadies task, when Sudha Chandran danced with a wooden leg, when my brother changed his handwriting or when a friend finally succeeded in doing a headstand- it was all about gaining freedom- freedom from that zone.

So dont become complacent. Are you getting too comfortable? Then stretch the limits some more, hurt yourself , break free!


  1. I see myself getting caged in comfort zone sometimes. In my case, sometimes I am very quick at things, and at times lethargic, depends on mood. But I make sure I am not procrastinating for long.

  2. Wow!!
    thats inspiring!!

    I can use this !