Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Funny things people say

Here are 5 of the funniest things I have heard people say......

1)"I am a descent boy....I dont pile on girls...."(in an online chat OMG!)
2)"There is no fire in me....."(in an email. This person was defending against the accusation that 'they did something wrong as there can be no smoke without fire')
3)"Send me your networking ass asap"(In a text message. How much effort does it take to type out that all important n?)
4)"It's in Pashan only"(On being asked where is Pashan lake located....)
5)"I hope they don't ask us to play table tennis! I am really bad at that....."(before an HR interview?!?!?)

P:S: If you find yourself here- no offense intended! :-P


  1. GLAD not* to find myself there :D
    Good one tho :P

  2. @Amod -LOL!!! You should know........
    @Aruna- May be I should start paying more attention to our conversations!

  3. So there's a lake in Pashan...and speaking of 'n', its just overhead...better keep the network congestion to minimum


    ref blog: feeling' mutual :o)

  4. Really nice n varied posts!This one is kewl esp...
    Lets make it worse::
    @1)"I am a descent boy....I dont pile on girls....n I don't advocate the same!":P
    @4)"It's in Pashan only...u can easily see it from highway!" :(

    keep smiling..

  5. @5th...If i remember righty,Adi was actually asked in the TW HR interview whether he can play tt..So well its not soo funny really :)

  6. @Aruna- Must you really be so defensive? ROFL!!!

  7. @Shweta..Stating plain facts...n @being defensive...If not me,then who? :D