Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Here are some tasty dishes you can make with left-overs:

1) If a little bit of 2-3 vegetable curries are left over from last evening's party just mix them all, add shev and farsan (umm salty Indian snacks), a little chopped cabbage and make misal. Have it with bread.

2)If the vegetables left are dry ones then just put them between bread slices and cook the sandwich in butter on a pan.

3)Left over idlis, can be dried, sliced and fried.(till reddish brown) Have them with leftover chutney or ketchup. Shallow frying them on a pan is healthier than in kadhai as they absorb lot of oil.

4) Make 'pappu dal' from leftover dal. (This is my grandma's recipe- she gave it the name too) Add tamarind water (obtained by soaking tamarind in water for 20 min), red chilly powder, a little salt and a little jaggery and boil it. Have with rice.

5)Convert curdled milk into paneer. Strain away the liquid and put the solid part in a muslin cloth and compress. You can also make kalakand(sort of) by cooking the solid part with sugar.

6)If there is excess milk and fruit make custard with the milk, add fruits and make fruit salad.

7)If there is leftover dosa batter- generally dosas don't come out that good next day. So add chopped cabbage, tomatoes, and coriander and make thick uttapas.

8)Excess left over rice, make fried rice.( This is standard recipe done in most Indian homes I think). Just fry ground nut, grated ginger, chopped chilly, sesame, jeera, turmeric, sambhar masala, salt, a sprinkling of sugar and chopped corriander and add the rice to this)

9)Excess chapattis leftover- make laddus. Break the chapatis into little pieces and grind them with chopped jaggery(3 times the chapatti quantity), roasted groundnut, khobra(or dry coconut) and little ghee. Make ladoos from the resulting mixture and enjoy!

10)Excess meat- give it to the dog.