Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why am I here?

Well, till now I have always been talking about how the soul is trapped in the cycle of birth and death, in karma etc etc.
I am sure the question must have arisen- How did we get here in the first place?

Let us begin this discussion with the word 'dharma'. Dharma does not mean religion- a literal translation is nature or essential characteristic. For eg: The dharma of sugar is to be sweet. If its not sweet- it cannot be sugar. Similarly, the dharma of fire is to give heat and that of water is to flow.

What is our dharma? The dharma of the soul is to serve.....
Seems strange? Not really...... Think about it.... What are we always doing? Serving others. This is the only thing that gives us satisfaction. Either we serve our parents, or our friends, or our children and siblings. It gets extended when we serve our communities or our country. Even the loneliest person gets a pet and serves it.
This is our nature.

So there we were in the spiritual world, serving God and having meaningful relationships with each other. And then sadly we became envious and desired to enjoy separately from God. We wondered why only God should be getting service not realizing that our happiness lay in serving Him.

And so He sent us to the material world. And this is what we have been trying to do here- life after life. Trying to enjoy separately from Him. And according to our desires and our karma we keep getting different bodies, different facilities to satisfy us. But we will never find happiness away from Him.

If we want to really be happy forever and find true love we should just turn to God and focus on serving Him and returning back to our eternal position.

[This may seem totally crazy but its not -really. I know many, many really intelligent and talented people who believe in this and have transformed their lives. I feel that everyone should take up this path and change for the better. All it needs is a little bit of your time and an open heart]

[Reference: Bhagvad Gita As it is- Srila Prabhupada]


  1. God sent us in material world. But WHY??

    You can say for "serving others". But what everyone in this world (and also God) will achieve from serving each other?

  2. He sent us here so we can try to enjoy seperately from him. We wanted that. So He gave us that.
    Serving others is our nature. Only in serving God can we find real happiness......