Friday, December 18, 2009

Different people, different views

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Examiner(while setting the paper):

1)Ek question to syllabus ke bahar ka rehna chahiye..
2)University syllabus ke last reference book ke exercise mein accha question hain...
3)No one will be able to answer this...Let me keep it for eight marks...
4)Yipee! Iss semester ka tough paper mere subject ka hoga...
5) 10 saal pehle poocha tha..Repeat karta hoon..

Student(after paper):

1)Maine correct subject padha tha kya?
2)Feka-Feki bohat kiya hain.
3)Sab kuch general tha- Mein paas hounga kya?
4)2 ghanta likha- 40 mil jayega....
5)Mere Local author mein aisa kuch nahi tha.. Techmax mein tha kya?

Examiner(while checking paper):

1)Ye kya likha hain?
2)Hmm..2 page likha hain...5 de deta hoon.
3)Bechara... iska total 39 aa raha hain...
4)Aaj 200 paper check kiye...Bas 2 din aur
5)Reval ke paise milenge.. Ye section chod deta hoon


  1. @ shweta,

    mere bachpan ke din yaad aagaye ... i always felt like a budhu, when i just opened a book.

    cheers !

  2. Reval ke paise milenge.. Ye section chod deta hoon....loved this! :D

    Some more (if student n examiner frm same college)..

    Examiner(while setting the paper):

    ye part sirf maine sikhaya hai, let me ask this..

    Student(after paper):

    Paper pakka xyz ne hi nikala tha!

    Examiner(while checking paper):

    (while looking at answer sheet) apne college ke papers hai...2 marks jyada deta hu!