Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Raaz-Pichle Janam ka

Recently a new reality show has been launched on NDTV Imagine. The participants come on to the show seeking answers to specific problems in their life. A therapist takes them, through hypnosis, into their previous life, from which they discover those answers. This blog isnt about the credibility of the show- its more about past life regression ( that the doctor on the show is doing) and why, according to the scriptures, past life regression makes complete sense.

I have already discussed about the soul in my previous blog. The soul, i.e. us is covered with this external body. However there are two coverings. First is the external body visible to us made of 5 elements-fire, water, earth, air and ether. Within that is a subtle body, made of the mind, intelligence and false ego.

At the time of death, the external body is destroyed and the soul, along with the subtle body, moves on to another external body. 

All our memories, of experiences and incidents that take place, our emotions and the impressions formed, are stored in the mind. The pain of death and the pain of birth is so strong that it 'pushes' these memories into the inner recessions of the mind. Past life regression is all about recovering relevant memories. Traumatic incidents in a previous life, especially traumatic deaths (eg caused by drowning or burning), leave strong impressions which often get carried forward to the current life. Past life regression makes us relive the memory and forces us to realise that it happened in the past, it is over. Once a patient realises this, it leads to the overcoming of those fears.

As for the show, I personally do not think that it is scripted. The doctor is clearly an expert in this field and a lot of people are being benefitted. And their creative team has done a great job in the picturization.


  1. @ shwetha,

    exactly ! ... all these pichle janam ke stories are really interesting when watched on tv.

    cheers !

  2. Actually I believe in reincarnation, but dont know how real the stuff that are shown on TV is...