Friday, March 5, 2010


Once, I was feeling really low when I went to the gym. A whole lot of negative stuff seemed to be happening to me. I was feeling really burdened and depressed with all of my life's problems.
In the locker room, I was morosely wearing my shoes, a thousand thoughts whirling in my head. Thats when I heard this conversation between two of the cleaning ladies.
Lady1: "Did you have breakfast".
Lady2: "No"
Lady2:"If me and my husband both have breakfast, the food available at lunch is less. And, you know na, one feels more hungry in the afternoon after working. So I just skip breakfast and eat lunch nicely."

The conversation moved on to a different topic, leaving me stunned. I could suddenly see my problems in a very different light. Atleast I dont have to choose between breakfast and lunch.

My world view changed.


  1. though good thought, but I cant understand how a lady who can afford gym cant afford proper food?

  2. if i may point out - they are sanitizers.

    we observe, maybe one day you will do something.

    hope you get your smile back before the day dies out.

  3. Wow! Moving really...

    I don't know if this quote fits in any way here...
    But I remember a status msg of one of my friend

    "Whenever you fall, pick something up!"

  4. I just cant get the whole feeling?
    Can you please explain...

  5. Ya... that's true !!! People in this world face much greater problems than we as students... But important thing is we have to MOVE ON... and enjoy living in every possible way we could !! Keep writing :)

  6. Yea...our life is much better than life out there..

  7. @Samvedana:
    Thanks for dropping by! Aga, they were cleaning ladies, not gym members! They work in the gym baba.

    Just wanted to say that my problems are nothing compared to somebody who cant afford 3 meals a day.