Friday, April 23, 2010

Wonders of my world

I read a list of 7 wonders of the everyday world somewhere. It contained top 7 'popular' everyday events- stuff like 'fixing a machine by hitting it' and 'turning your pillow around'. So I observed my life for 2 weeks and here is:

Everyday wonders of my world:

1)Taking a shower after a long day. (Absolutely nothing beat this)
2)Drinking fresh water from the 'mataka' (esp after coming in from a long drive in the afternoon sun)
3)Walking outside on a cool, breezy night (esp after it has rained)
4)Aroma of wet soil
5)Eating chilled mango ice-cream, right out of the freezer.
6)Mom oiling my hair
7)Aroma of ripening mangoes.

This list is biased because it relates to the summer season in particular and cant be called 'everyday' but summer season is my favourite so this list will top my all year 'every-day wonders' list too.

God's creation is beautiful! The last 2 weeks were so wonderful! I was consciously finding joy in all these little things... I feel we just complicate life.


  1. Yeah! Everybody seems to be enjoying lately due to drizzles and all!

    @Blog: seems you want to express more, but still fell short. When joy fills most of the room in mind, there is none left for the vocabulary :)

    WONDERful it is!



  2. Really felt good while reading this... Why should a common man hope to move around the world for unique 7 wonders ??? He can find himself around... Just he want to enjoy little things he does daily... Keep writing :)

  3. @Neer- Thanks. Actually I was in a bit of a hurry and it does end rather abruptly- Meant to elaborate but didnt want to go into all those 'life is complicated' cliches... Glad you got the gist!

    @Deepak- Absolutely. Nice comment. Thanks

  4. I like such posts... This one gives the idea so well... And I also loved the thought behind... I'd written something similar last year Have a look if you want... Plus, summer season is my favourite too! :)

  5. another good one :)
    Cheers to the summer season!

  6. @Pratik- Thanks! Read your blog too. Its really good. I agree with all points(esp.the aamras. Ummmm....)

    @Pankhuri-Thanks! Summer rocks!

  7. it tells us that all things depend on our mood, if we are feeling good, we find happiness in little little things.

  8. summers are really enjoyable.

  9. Well written :) Sometimes we really fail to see the great things in our 'mundane' life. Thanks for reminding me again that Life is beautiful :)