Monday, September 27, 2010

Recipe - Beetroot Halwa

Recipe:Beetroot Halwa
(A milk and beetroot sweet)


3 Raw Beetroots - peeled and grated.
250 gm khava - (This is dried milk- will be available in any Indian sweet shop)
3 cups sugar - (Roughly the same amount as the grated beetroot. So you will mostly have 3 cups of beetroot after grating)
2 tablespoon ghee
A little milk
Chopped dry fruits


1) Put the ghee in a kadai or any aluminium/non- stick pan. Heat till it melts.
2)Add the khava and roast it on medium flame till it turns golden in colour. You have to keep stirring it, so that it doesnt stick to the pan and burn. The original colour of khava is whitish pink. It will turn deep golden in roughly 15 min. Keep aside.
3) Cook the grated beetroot in a little milk in an open pan, till the beetroot goes soft. (Not too soft- just well-cooked)
4) Add the sugar and the khava. Let it cook for 5 minutes more, so that the sugar and khava melt nicely.
5) Add chopped dry fruits and enjoy!


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  1. bring it if you come to Bangalore. We'll appreciate it better :P