Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My little bubble

A bubble of joy, living in my heart
Jumping and dancing all day.
It troubles me often, at unexpected times,
Always wanting to play.

It soars up high, making me smile
In the middle of daily chore
Running across my eyes sometimes,
It makes them twinkle more.

This little bubble, it swells sometimes
And my heart quivers with sweet pain
This little bubble, it churns my insides,
Its just too hard to contain.

But it is a bubble, and bubbles are fragile,
My little bubble might just burst too.
Reality has some pointed spikes
Please pray for my bubble, thank you :)


  1. nice poem.. Should write more and regularly.. :)..

  2. such a lovely way of putting it...
    no wonder they say poetry is an art, only few can.