Saturday, April 30, 2011

Desiring the Supreme

"Now that we have become devotees, Your holy names have affectionately created a jubilant festival in our mouths. Your bodily splendour, like a dark rain cloud has become the black ointment of our eyes, and the music of Your flute has become the ornament of our ears. We no longer take pleasure in material desires. O almighty Lord, material desires no longer appear beautiful to us!"

-Srila Roop Goswami

[Note: Just sharing a beautiful verse I came across in a book I am reading. A state of mind I am aspiring for :) ]

Friday, April 22, 2011

The computer program with a will

The programmer leaned back on his chair and sighed. He had just written a perfect program. The program was complicated and could do many, many things. But it had only one purpose. To make the programmer happy. To give him pleasure. The program had many abilities. It even had its own internal concept of happiness. The program was made such that it always tried to keep its internal boolean variable - 'happy' to true. But the purpose of the program was ultimately to make the programmer happy too. So the willy programmer had put in and if condition: 
if program makes me happy

And then the programmer did the ultimate programming. He gave the program 'free will' The program could run as it wanted. It could execute whichever line of code whenever it wanted and experience the results. The program was given a choice. It could choose to make the programmer happy or it could choose to ignore the programmer. And then the programmer ran the program.
       The program ran as it chose to. It had the choice remember? It kept trying to make program.happy to true. But no matter what it did, that silly variable always remained false. The program thought, very often, that it had come close. But that was illusion- temporary. Only when that program discovers that tricky if condition will it achieve true happiness.

We, the soul , the living entities are that program - and God our maker is the programmer. As long as we are disconnected from Him, no matter what we do - we'll never be truly happy. For those who think that eternal happiness is a myth, a delusional concept, just have to discover that if condition in their source code. :)