Saturday, July 2, 2011

I dont eat in places that serve meat......

I am a very, very strict vegetarian. What this means is that I don't eat in any restaurant that also has meat on its menu. So whenever we go for team outings or birthday treats or anything, I wont eat if its not a pure veg restaurant. Lot of people think I am completely insane to impose such rules upon myself. Some say I am too young or too naive. Lot of people think I am impractical, they feel that my attitude will not let me survive in countries other than India. Meat - lovers of course find it completely ridiculous. I have had to deal with teasing and general sarcasm. All this was expected but unexpectedly I have also been at the receiving end of sympathy. Sometimes, when people are stuffing their faces with all the 'delicious' food on the table and I am just sitting there not eating, people give me pitying looks. "Poor girl she must be fighting with herself to not eat" kind of looks. I may have misinterpreted, but ya people tend to feel sorry for me for all the pleasures in life that I am missing out.
      Now from my perspective, that is ridiculous. Here's why...
      I belong to a culture that respects all life. (All those who have thought of the 'plants have life too.' argument, just hold your horses for a moment there). Among all the living creatures on planet earth, human beings are the most evolved and intelligent species. This also essentially needs to be translated into responsibility. (With great power comes great responsibility :)) Just because we have got the ability doesn't mean that we can start killing and chopping and eating anything that moves. As the most evolved creature on planet earth, it is my personal belief that I should cause the least amount of pain to any other living creature for the purpose of filling my belly. More so, since as a human being, I have the special privilege of choosing my diet. No other creature on this planet can choose its diet. A tiger would never touch grass, nor would a deer touch meat. They just cannot - only human beings have this choice - and I want to make responsible choices.
(Besides the human body has been designed mainly for a vegetarian diet. Meat eating is unnatural and unhealthy. You can read more about that here. And the large scale production of meat causes industry level pollutions to the environment and is terribly energy inefficient. Which farming does not. Read about that here. )
     Science has discovered that the more developed the nervous system, the greater the sensitivity to pain. Animal bodies have far more evolved nervous systems than plants. Besides most vegetarian foods (fruits, pulses, grains and most vegetables) do not actually involve the killing of the original plant. You cannot possibly compare the plucking of an apple to cutting the neck of a goat in terms of the pain being caused to the living creature.
     So the point is, I totally abhor meat. The thought of the dead corpses of chicken, fish, goats and the rest freely intermingling with the veggies that I will be consuming fills me with disgust. Let me put it this way. If you knew that the food your restaurant serves also has dead human body parts in its refridgerator, would you be able to eat there? If you knew that your 'chicken curry' was kept below a human head on the kitchen shelf and could have had some human blood/internal body fluids dripping into it - would u be able to eat? And if the people on your dining table were eating human flesh, gorging on it, would you be able to eat anything at all with them? And imagine if those people, pitied you - 'You have'nt tasted a cooked human toe man! You are missing out on all the good things in life...' how would you possibly react?
        Sorry for the graphic visualizations, but thats how it is for me. Yes I have an overactive imagination. Yes, I do not trust the hygiene standards of all the restaurants out there. The smell of cooking meat makes me want to puke.  And so I stopped eating in restaurants that serve meat.
Dont pity me. Instead, reconsider your choices :)