Friday, April 13, 2012

Vivaha Samskar - the sacred vow of marriage

samanjantu visve devah
samapo hrdayani nau
sammatarisva sandhata
samudestri dadhatu nau

"May the divine powers know that we two are getting married with great pleasure in our soul and conscience. Our hearts are in harmony, as one as the waters. May the Prince of Love, the god of relationships and the god of secrets protect our marriage"
(Rig  Veda - 10.8.47)

"In Vedic tradition, a marriage is a sacred act, a religious commitment and never a simple agreement. Union between a man and a woman is not merely a physical one, but also a moral and spiritual one. It marks the beginning of a life of responsibility. Couple relationships should be ruled with mutual feelings of faithfulness and devotion which should also be turned towards God.
      Marriage ties are normally indissoluble. One must therefore adjust his or her character, likes, ideals and interests with that of the other instead of breaking up as soon as differences appear. Marriage is a sacrifice, an austerity which helps us to develop patience and tolerance."
 - The Book of Samskaras - Ch 4.

Rahul and me accepted this sacred vow of marriage on 9th March 2012. May the Gods help us to fulfil it. Humbly seeking your blessings as we begin the most important phase of our life.