Monday, April 5, 2010

Life's lessons from engineering

My four years in engineering taught me a fair bit about life too. Here's some of them:

  1. Making mistakes may not be the easiest way to learn something, but these lessons last longest.
  2.  Somebody knows the answer, you only need to ask.
  3. The sanest people lose all rationality when swayed by emotions. Try not to let your emotions rule you.
  4. People change. If you can change like them, great- else move on.
  5. Your efforts will not always be tangibly awarded. The process matters more than the end.


  1. Can someone write 4 years in 5 points??
    I am still persuing and have so much to write..
    I don't think that even 4 books will be enough..:)



    p.s. These points summarises the journey to a great extent..:)

  2. Good... People will now beat me if they read this blog after mine... "Aisa chotta nahi likh sakta tha ?? x-( Aise hi hamara time waste kar diya.. " :) .. keep writing... :)

  3. I sort-of disagree with [5]. "End" does matter, but depends on how you look at it. If you are relating it with the prizes/awards then it doesnt. But satisfaction of doing something worth and learning quotient involved does matter at the end !

    Damn @ Me : I never learn from my mistakes and end up repeating them :-(

    P.S: Your blog is very diversified. I would suggest to have more than one but focussed blogs.

  4. @Nipun- Agreed. This is just the content to put on the back cover of the book.

    @Deepak- Thanks :) They can see the demo here and the full version on your blog. :)

    @Wiki- Thanks for dropping by :) Satisfaction comes with the process too. Thats what I learned.
    @focus- The name of my blog is Kaleidoscope. It means ever changing variety. I dont want to focus it. Thats the whole point!!!

  5. If only it would have been four years, sigh! ^-^

  6. My learning from 4 years of engineering is "Dil pe mat le yaar..." :)