Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eisenheim-The Illusionist

I saw a movie called Illusionist recently. It was excellent. Really well-made.
And it got me thinking about how the illusionist or conjurer uses smoke and mirrors to create a mirage, an illusion. And the audience is so excited about what they see that they forget all about the conjurer. He uses all the tools of his trade- pretty lighting, unearthly speeches, clever hand-gestures, fancy clothes, smooth expressions - to fool people into believing something that isnt. He gives the people what they want because he just wants to make everyone happy. And all his tricks are so charming that people stop caring about the real person-what his hopes and dreams are, what he likes, what he really wants. And then the poor fellow wonders how did he end up being so lonely? Did he do 1 trick too many? May be now his defences are too strong and nobody can get past them.... Or may be it is the fault of the people- none of them want to try...
And so the illusionist stands - all alone on his stage.....


  1. Check out 'The Prestige'...its even better than The Illusionist.

  2. While reading through this blog. I felt i was reading some excerpt from Prabhupada's book. The essence was same. This material world is an illusion. Conditioned souls even after watching such movies dont want to come out of this mire. Such is the condition of the living entities. But Lord Caitanya has come to distribute the love of godhead by spreading the congregational chanting of the holy names of the lord.

    I stayed in pune for 2 yrs 2006-08, and had some wonderful memories of Sri Sri Radha Kunjabihari Mandir at Camp. You'll find some of those memories in my blog as well.