Monday, August 10, 2009

ThoughtWorks Placement Process

Thoughtworks selected three people from my college(Pune Institute Of Computer Technology) during the placement process in July 2009. (I was one of them :)) They had 6 rounds:
  1. Aptitude- which had flow chart based questions. You just have to be really, really careful while solving these- the maximum you can score is 12 and their selection cutoff can be as high as 10-11
  2. Group Activity- Groups of 8-12 people are told to design a software system. We had to design an intranet for a second-hand car dealership. Other systems asked were pizza delivery, online airline reservation, online advertising, etc. They selected 3-4 people from each group.
  3. Coding round(Read the next post)
  4. Technical interview round 1- 16 people reached this round. Each of us was drilled for an hour or so on C, OOP, Data Structures, Java, Puzzles and DBMS by a panel of 2 people.
  5. Technical interview round 2- 8 people reached this round. Each of us was interviewed for almost 3 hours. Our concepts and problem solving skills were tested in detail.
  6. HR- 3 of us reached this round and all of us got selected. However, Thoughtworks does end up rejecting people from this round too, so do not take it lightly :)
Basically Thoughtworks wants people who:
  1. Have strong technical skills
  2. Have good communication skills
  3. Who are passionate about what they do
  4. Who enjoy learning
  5. Who are confident, (but not overly so)
  6. Who are great team-workers
So if you are going to be appearing for the ThoughtWorks selection process, just keep your cool and be confident. The whole thing is also really grueling- you will need high levels of energy, patience and mental stamina. All the best!


  1. thanks a lot. I really want to work in thoughtworks.

  2. this is very helpful..
    i wanted to know if there is a requirement of at least three languages that a candidate must know..
    waiting for your reply

  3. Although knowledge of multiple languages gives you an edge, u will mostly be tested on your general programming and proficiency based on experience level.